For your reference, we have compiled some links that we find interesting and helpful.  Please let us know if the link is nonfunctional or out of date.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

This well-known reference shows the hardiness zones for the United States as updated in 2003

The Better Homes and Gardens Local Hardiness Zone Map

This tool allows you to view the hardiness zones by state and, further, by county.  This helps address some issues of microclimates.  The site is fairly advertising-intensive, but well worth visiting.

Hardiness Zones in Canada

This interactive map allows you to view hardiness zones in  local areas throughout Canada.

Hardiness Zones in Europe

A good, general, reference covering about 35 countries.

Plant Hardiness Zones in Australia

A very good reference with a fair amount of background data.

Hardiness Zones in Japan

An interactive map with corresponding temperature ranges - brought to us courtesy of Jelitto Perennial Seeds in Germany.

Freeze/Frost Maps for The United States

Shows the probable first and last frost dates throughout the US as well as the number of frost-free days in each area.


North American Native Plant Society

An excellent reference that includes featured plants, photos and a seed exchange - as well as listings and (when available) links to state associations.

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Features a very comprehensive Native Plant Database that covers propagation, distribution, growing conditions and image gallery.

The New England Wild Flower Society

A great educational resource for New England - with links to their course schedules and to the Garden in the Woods.

American Primrose Society

For Primrose enthusiasts!

Perry's Perennial Pages

Dr. Leonard Perry at the University of Vermont may have created the grand-daddy of all informational link sites.  There are links to perennial publications, perennial faqs, perennial sources, perennial, perennial, perennial...

The Garden Conservancy

For those of us who love to visit gardens, The Open Days Program provides a directory of private gardens throughout the US that have selected open days for garden visitors.



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